5 Day Mummy Tummy Kickstart (5 Feb 2018)
Vicky Warr

It's Time to Ditch the Mummy Tummy! 

You CAN lose your post pregnancy ‘pooch’; that annoying ‘overhang’ that is still lingering after the birth of your children.. ..and you don’t need lots of time, energy, a gym or childcare either!  

The 5 Day Mummy Tummy Kick Start shows you how to strengthen and tone your tummy for lots more body confidence. 

  • Discover powerful postnatal exercises to flatten your mummy tummy and strengthen your core!  
  • Accountability and motivation with special nuggets and advice you won't get elsewhere.  
  • Get expert instruction on how to follow the exercises correctly to reduce the risk of back or neck strain.  
  • Daily access to simple to follow, short (10 minute) exercise plans to tone your tummy muscles safely and effectively after having babies. No gym or childcare required - and achievable even on your busiest of days.  

All online and it's free! 

Praise From Our Mums + Moms..